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networkx::xbase::XDiGraph Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for networkx::xbase::XDiGraph:

networkx::base::DiGraph networkx::base::Graph

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Detailed Description

A class implementing general digraphs, allowing
(optional) self-loops, (optional) multiple edges,
arbitrary (hashable) objects as nodes, and arbitrary
objects associated with edges.

As in XGraph, an XDiGraph edge is uniquely specified by a 3-tuple
e=(n1,n2,x), where n1 and n2 are (hashable) objects (nodes) and x
is an arbitrary (and not necessarily unique) object associated with
that edge.

See the documentation of XGraph for the use of the optional
parameters selfloops (defaults is False) and multiedges
(default is False).

XDiGraph inherits from DiGraph, with all purely node-specific methods
identical to those of DiGraph. XDiGraph edges are identical to XGraph
edges, except that they are directed rather than undirected.
XDiGraph replaces the following DiGraph methods:

- __init__: read multiedges and selfloops kwds.
- add_edge
- add_edges_from
- delete_edge
- delete_edges_from
- delete_multiedge
- has_edge
- edges_iter
- degree_iter
- degree
- copy
- clear
- subgraph
- is_directed
- to_directed

XDiGraph also adds the following methods to those of DiGraph:

- allow_selfloops
- remove_all_selfloops
- ban_selfloops
- allow_multiedges
- ban_multiedges
- remove_all_multiedges

XDigraph adds the following methods to those of XGraph:

- has_successor
- successors
- successors_iter
- has_predecessor
- predecessors
- predecessors_iter
- out_degree
- out_degree_iter
- in_degree
- in_degree_iter
- to_undirected
- is_directed

Definition at line 856 of file xbase.py.

Public Member Functions

def __contains__
def __getitem__
def __init__
def __iter__
def __len__
def __str__
def add_cycle
def add_edge
def add_edge
def add_edges_from
def add_node
def add_nodes_from
def add_path
def allow_multiedges
def allow_selfloops
def ban_multiedges
def ban_selfloops
def clear
def copy
def degree
def degree_iter
def delete_edge
def delete_edge
def delete_edges_from
def delete_multiedge
def delete_node
def delete_nodes_from
def edge_boundary
def edges
def edges_iter
def get_edge
def has_edge
def has_edge
def has_neighbor
def has_node
def has_predecessor
def has_successor
def in_degree
def in_degree_iter
def in_edges
def in_edges_iter
def info
def is_directed
def neighbors
def neighbors_iter
def node_boundary
def nodes
def nodes_iter
def nodes_with_selfloops
def number_of_edges
def number_of_nodes
def number_of_selfloops
def order
def out_degree
def out_degree_iter
def out_edges
def out_edges_iter
def predecessors
def predecessors_iter
def prepare_nbunch
def print_dna
def remove_all_multiedges
def remove_all_selfloops
def reverse
def selfloop_edges
def size
def subgraph
def successors
def successors_iter
def to_directed
def to_undirected

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 edges = out_edges
 in_neighbors = predecessors
 neighbors = successors
 neighbors_iter = successors_iter

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